Rainy Days with Dogs

Rain, rain, go away! On rainy, cold days, you may not feel so inclined to walk your dog. Check out these fun activities that allow you to stay inside instead on the worst of days!

If you live on the east coast, you will know that we have been having some pretty brutal weather lately! First, there was snow and ice. Now in the southeast, there is just a lot of rain! And in the north, the snow’s still falling! With all of this crazy weather going on, it can be hard to stick to a normal exercise routine for your pet, especially with dogs. So, what are some alternate indoor dog activities to do instead of playing outside and taking walks?

  • Indoors Fetch: if you have a long hallway, this might be the game for you! If you find a soft ball, or just a soft toy, you can throw it down a long hallway and allow your pooch to play fetch with you.
  • Hide and Seek: play this game with either your animal’s favorite toy, or even with family members! Have your furry friend “stay,” and then hide the person or the item. Once hidden, give the command to “come,” and see how long it takes your pet to find the person or object! This is a great game because it gets your animal active, and it also stretches those brain muscles. Besides those benefits, it’s fun for everyone.
  • Staircase Fun: this is a good exercise for pets with good joints that are over a year old. If you have a staircase, position your pet at the bottom of the stairs. Throw its favorite toy up to the landing, and then let them fetch it and bring it back down to you. This is great physical exercise, and most animals will be tuckered out after a few rounds. This may not be the best activity for homes with wooden stairs, as it can be too slippery for pooches—or damage your stairs.

Who says rainy days have to be boring? What do you do during bad weather? Share with us in the comment section below!

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