Rabid Dogs, Bats, Ferrets and Cats – Spread the Word!

Could our charming domesticated animals be infected with something as deadly as rabies? That thought might not occur to us often, but rabies is a real concern. Preventing rabies in animals begins with keeping vaccinations up to date. Keeping control of your animals is also important. This means having dogs under supervision when they are outside and keeping cats and ferrets indoors.
Your pet is not the only one in danger. Though you are far less likely to be bitten by a raccoon than your dog is, just think about who cuddles up to you at night? Pet owners can be infected with rabies through their animal’s saliva if that pet is carrying rabies!
If you do happen to be bitten, wash any wound immediately and thoroughly with soap and water. This will lessen the risk of infection. Also get medical attention quickly. Of course, alert animal control if you’re bitten or if you see any stray animals in your neighborhood that are acting oddly.
It seems that not all pets can carry rabies, however. No known cases have been found among rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, or other small mammals.
Want to spread the word about how rabies is spread? The Center for Disease Control has made free e-cards for a variety of health issues. Send this one to a friend today to remind them of the importance of rabies vaccines.

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