Rabbit Teeth

Myth or fact: A rabbit’s teeth don’t ever stop growing. We have the answer!

The answer is…fact! Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing. Rabbit teeth are open-rooted, which means that the teeth grow continuously throughout its life. This information begs a few more questions, though, such as “Why is that,” and “How can I keep Fluffy’s teeth at a healthy length?”

Wild rabbits can eat grass, weeds, leaves and even twigs. So the answer to the first question is that the teeth of rabbits are designed to break down the tough food that they generally eat. Perfect for all that chewing, the teeth remain tough and resilient.

Now, onto the second question about a healthy length. There are multiple answers. The two most important factors in helping your pet bunny’s teeth remain healthy are 1. to schedule yearly visits to your local veterinarian to ensure that the teeth are healthy and at a good length, and 2. to incorporate a high fiber diet—like those leaves and twigs I mentioned. All that fiber requires a good amount of chewing and allows for the teeth to wear down. A great source of fiber to give your pet fiber is hay. Because of its texture, your rabbit will use all of its teeth while munching. Plus, hay can double as bedding for your pet’s cage! Pretty convenient for everyone, isn’t it.

It is always a good idea to monitor a rabbit’s teeth to ensure that they remain healthy. Signs of overgrown rabbit teeth are when the teeth come together abnormally, and when sharp edges (spurs) begin to develop. If you suspect your pet’s teeth have become too long, schedule a visit with your vet. Now, go check your bunny’s pearly whites!

Do you have a pet rabbit? How do you prevent overgrown teeth?

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