Rabbit Exercise

Time for rabbit-cize! Check out these fun ideas on how to play with your rabbit and give it a little more bunny exercise.

Has your Peter Cottontail gotten a little too fluffy? Never fear! Although you can’t necessarily take your rabbit on a nice, long walk, there are still some fun ways to get in some exercise for rabbits:

  • Let your bunny investigate. Simply lie on the ground, and wait for your fluffy pet to come to you. Your rabbit will likely hop on and off you, and investigate your clothing! This is a nice way to bond with your pet and to understand it better.
  • Build an obstacle course. Who doesn’t love an obstacle course! This is an especially easy project to create, because you can use cardboard boxes and newspapers. You could even build a ramp into your course. Some breeds of rabbits especially enjoy jumping, so keep that in mind.
  • Play ball. Good luck finding a rabbit that will fetch, but some rabbits will enjoy rolling balls around on the floor.
  • Chase. Cottontail is the new Fido. Call your rabbit and allow it to chase you across an open space. However, do not reverse this game. You should never chase your rabbit.

Do you play games with your bunny? Tell us about it!

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