Rabbit Breeds

Interested in adopting a pet bunny? There are so many breeds to choose from!

My sister recently adopted a pet rabbit, named Sherlock. She was told that Sherlock was a male, dwarf bunny. Much to our surprise, Sherlock turned out to be a big female rabbit.

While these animals do not come in as many breeds as dogs, there are quite a few to choose from! Do you prefer small or big? Floppy eared, or pointy eared? Let’s take a look at some of the more popular breeds.

  • American Fuzzy Lop: These cute critters get to be about three to four pounds and are known for their floppy ears. They come in all different colors. Their coat is wool, however, and so they do require extensive grooming. If you decide to adopt this little breed, be prepared to brush its coat at least once a day.
  • Lionhead: This breed is also on the small side, weighing in at around three pounds as an adult. However, they look much bigger because of their fur! They have a very thick coat, which can grow to be two to three inches long. Be prepared to brush this very plush and soft coat a lot!
  • English Spot: These are the Dalmatians of the rabbits. These bunnies are characterized by a white body with black spots and a black line down the back. They are medium-sized and grow to be about six to eight pounds. This breed tends to have erect ears. They are known to have a nervous temperament, so this may be best for a one-pet family.
  • French Lop: These floppy-eared bunnies are one of the most common to be adopted because of their laid back and affectionate personality. It is the largest of the lop breeds, and can weigh ten to fourteen pounds! This type of rabbit has been bred in many colors.

To learn more about different breeds, ask your veterinarian!

Do you have a pet rabbit? What breed? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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