Puppy for Christmas

It’s time for Santa to slide down the chimney once again. If Santa wants to be super sneaky this year and creep in with a furry critter, here’s how! I am sure almost every person in America has seen either a commercial or a greeting card featuring a cute puppy with a big red bow sitting underneath the Christmas tree. Santa clearly never received my letter because I never received a puppy for Christmas. However, simply because I have never experienced a new pet on Christmas morning doesn’t mean that no other child will. If Santa is bringing a new friend for your family, check out the pointers below.

The very first question you should ask yourself before committing to adopting a new pet is if the pet will truly fit into your family. While surprises can be special and memorable, it is important to find the right animal for your family. So, as with any other pet adoption, it’s a good idea to play with the animal and see how it interacts with the family. Visit local shelters or pet stores with your child and see which animal he/she bonds with. Your cover story: you’re giving staff a break and sharing the joy of Christmas with an animal who doesn’t yet have a home. If you have found the “one,” some pet stores or shelters will allow you to keep the pet there until Christmas Eve.

Also, before the new pet gets put under the tree, you may want to stock up on pet supplies as pet stores will be closed on Christmas day. To ensure that the new furry friend remains under the tree and doesn’t come to any harm, go ahead and place the pet in its crate or kennel.

So listen out this year for hooves on the roof, and barking under the tree.

Did you ever get a Christmas puppy? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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