The Puppy Bowl!

I’m not a football fan. I don’t know the point difference between a touchdown and a field goal. I’d define a ‘tight end’ as the result I desire when doing lunges, and a ‘split end’ as the reason I get regular trims at the hair salon. Obviously the Super Bowl means little to me. Sure, some of the commercials are funny, but you can catch most of them on the Internet later. So while everyone else hunkers down with their fatty dips and endless chicken wings, I go shopping. At least I used to—before Animal Planet invented the Puppy Bowl.

If you don’t watch the Puppy Bowl, you’re missing out on an almost unimaginable amount of cute. I’m talking about a miniature football stadium packed with dozens of puppies (63 this year), an assortment of cheerleaders (hedgehogs this time around) and an antics-filled halftime show chock full of kittens (21 of them, in fact). Add to this a blimp ‘operated’ by hamsters and the water bowl cameras that let viewers get up close and personal with all the slurping action and you have an unbeatable combination.

This year more than 9 million viewers are expected to tune in to Animal Planet on Super Bowl Sunday for the Puppy Bowl. All of the puppies and kittens are from rescues and shelters around the nation—and most are adopted before the end of the program.  Finally, a sport I can get excited about!

Do you love the Puppy Bowl or would you rather be watching Super Bowl? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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