Protect Your Pet From These Common Injuries

Your sweet pets can get into big trouble, but your supervision can keep them safer. Here are some tips to avoid injury:

Keep the great outdoors great: Some of the most common injuries happen outside while playing or exercising. In colder months, slipping on ice can be just as bad for larger animals as it would be for you. As spring approaches, playing catch and running on rough terrain can cause torn ligaments. Snake bites are more common then, too. So find a safe place to play, run and hike. Watch out for other pets, too. They might try to defend their turf, whether they “own” it or not!

Safe travels: If you travel with your pet to the store, to shows or on vacation, help them enjoy the trip safely. Take special care when your four-legged friend gets into and out of the car or trailer. That’s when trips and falls can tear ligaments and cause broken bones. When you arrive, note other hazards, such as chemicals or new items that could become an unsafe chew toy.

Play it safe: Licking chemicals and swallowing toys—torn parts or the whole thing—are also among the top injuries to pets. Replace toys when they get torn up from play. Keep a nice supply of new toys around to keep your pets interested in safe play. Any items that may look like toys to your pet should be kept out of sight. In general, if a chemical can harm you, it can harm your pet, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association. Pay special attention to rat poisons, cleaning products and antifreeze. Keep them out of reach.

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