Preparing for a busy hurricane season

September is right in the middle of the peak hurricane season. If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, ensure that your hurricane preparations include your family pets. 

During hurricane Katrina, nearly 250,000 pets were found and taken to shelters, of that, only about 15,000 were claimed. Thousands of pets were abandoned and never claimed during hurricane Sandy. Many families leave their pets home when they are evacuated due to storms. They are either unprepared for what to do with their pets or do not have the knowledge about preparing for their pets safety.

If there is a storm, make sure that your family, including furry members are kept safe.

After hurricane Katrina, Red Cross and other emergency shelters changed their policy to allow pets. Check with your local emergency shelters to find out if they will accept your pets in the event that you are evacuated from your home.

If you are not evacuated, there are ways that you can prepare to keep your pet safe during the storm. Remember, pets can sense pressure changes and other things during storms that we cannot, so they will be experiencing high levels of stress during this time.

If you cannot take your pet with you, call local pet boarding facilities and keep their numbers close by. In the event that you are evacuated you can keep your pet safe at one of them. Call family and friends outside of the evacuation zone that may be able to watch your pet. Another option is to locate pet friendly hotels along the evacuation route.

Make sure that dogs are never left outside by themselves and are always on a leash during the storm. You should keep your cats in a quiet room with a carrier close by in case of emergencies. Before the storm hits, check that you have at least a week worth of food and medications for your pet.

These tips can ensure that your pet and family stays safe during the hurricane season.

Do you have any hurricane tips? Let us know in the comments section.

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