Poisonous for Dogs

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  1. Diane Price says:

    My female Sheltie has all the symptoms of Salmon poisoning (raw)….But we had none around She was in a fenced yard and for the most part an indoor dog.. Up all night with a very sensitive and Vet with the patience of a Saint. He asked me to look around the yard. Found that she had dug up and chewed on the root of a Rosemary Plant! Same symptoms…but, thankfully turned out not to be lethal.
    Also, why doesn't anyone ever mention the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment? 1/2 Tsp will make your dog vomit up whatever it has had ingested the last hour or so. My Boston ate an expandable toy…(turns out …after frantic calls to the manufacturer…she would have been fine because it would not expand in her stomach acids).But, Vet did tell me to get her just a small dose of Hydrogen Peroxide. In less than 1 minute she vomited up everything in her stomach. Expandable toy came up…same size as it went in. She (we) rested for an hour and she was back to her bouncy, hyper Terrier activities.

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