Poison for Dogs: Coins

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  1. sherry zoellner says:

    ours was a sad outcome. our 10-year-old dashie went lame on this past easter. we took to the ER vet where they did x-rays–lo and behold not only did she have a herniated disk, she had a coin in her stomach. the only thing i can think of is it must have bounced in her food bowl and she just gobbled it down. unfortunately, she was facing an unknown outcome with her back (mri, shots and/or surgery with no guarentees) and a certain outcome of surgery to get the coin out after we got her back stablized (if they could that is), so we had to make the horrible choice and took her to rainbow. i never knew how dangerous coins were to our pets and had to learn the hard way. RIP Chloe–alway known as my little chocolate cupcake…..

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