Playing with Turtles

For those who are interested or have a pet turtle, how can you play with your turtle? How can you make sure it is enjoying itself?

While it is not a common thought to play “fetch” with a pet turtle, who says turtles can’t have fun? Besides some obvious differences, having fun with a turtle will look completely different than having fun with a dog. Turtles are low-key pets that only require a few necessities. You can make sure they are having fun by incorporating a few things into their daily routine and environment.

  • Hold Them: While your pet may be a little skittish and scared at first, it will probably warm up to your handling it. Once your reptile gets used to being held, it will be more willing to allow you to take it out of it’s environment more often.
  • Let It Explore: Once your pet has gotten used to being handled, you can allow it to explore new territory. The more you let your reptile explore, the more comfortable it will get with new things, even new friends! This is especially a good idea if you would like to get another turtle.
  • Keep Things Fresh: Try mixing up your turtle’s diet by talking with your veterinarian about which foods are okay to feed him. After that, you can mix and match the different fruits and vegetables to keep mealtimes interesting.
  • Let It Swim: Reptiles usually need an area to swim in, as well as a something to climb and rest on. A floating log with two holes is a good way for a turtle to have an interesting environment, along with a place to rest.
  • Decorate: Give your pet a fun place to live! Colorful pebbles and rocks add interest to your turtle’s environment, along with giving it something to interact with. Interesting décor also gives you something fun to look at—as well as a reminder to play with your turtle, to get him out of his shell, so to speak!

Do you have a turtle as a pet? How do you keep it entertained? Tell us in the comments!

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