How to Play with Pets that Don’t Normally Play

How To Play With Pets

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Did you know you can play games with other animals besides cats and dogs?

Just like with cats and dogs, other animals need to have some mental stimulation and entertainment, as well. By other animals, I mean rabbits, ferrets and even…Betta fish! Below, you’ll discover how to play with pets like these that don’t normally play. Doing so can actually help with their overall health, and strengthen the bond between you and them.

So, How Exactly Do I Play With My Exotic Pet?

Listed below are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Rabbits: Each bunny is unique and will like to play with different things. To discover your pet’s preferences, place random objects in his crate, and watch what he will play with. Some good starter ideas are a newspaper, large tube (either the cardboard from paper towels or toilet paper) or a ball on the ground. Once you find out what your rabbit enjoys, play gently with him. Bunnies are very skittish, so there shouldn’t be any rough movements or yelling. Try to make a habit of playing with your pet once every day. This will help him become less skittish and will strengthen your bond.
  • Ferrets: These animals can be a lot like cats. They even enjoy similar toys! To help your pet get some exercise during playtime, drag a cardboard tube around for him to chase. Once he catches it, swiftly change directions. This will give your ferret a good workout! Another thing these animals love to do is play in bed sheets. Billow a sheet out on the floor for your pet to jump on or crawl under. Ferrets also love a good rattle toy, whether it is one that is bought in a store or if it is handmade. Just be sure that it is properly sealed before giving it to your animal to play with.
  • Betta Fish: Bettas are actually very curious creatures, and they love to play! A good way to introduce some exercise is with a favorite food. To begin with, see if your fish will follow your hand outside the fish tank if it has food in it. After he has followed your hand for a while, reward him with the food. This will help train your pet to follow your finger. Some owners have even been able to get their animal to jump out of the tank for a yummy treat! If you can achieve this, be sure that your fish lands safely back in his tank.

Any Other Ideas?

Do you have an exotic pet? Leave a comment and tell us what your animal likes to play with!

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