Pick the Best Pet Companion

Know an older adult—maybe you—who might enjoy the company of a pet? Pets do us a world of good health-wise, and among the populations most improved by the companionship of a pet are older adults.
Different adults can offer pets different amounts and types of attention. So, it’s important to match the person to the pet.

A dog’s life
Popular dog breeds for older adults are:

  • Welsh Corgi, a 25 pound dog that requires daily exercise but not much living space
  • Toy poodle, a small dog who wants lots of affection
  • Boston Terrier, a guard dog who will help keep anyone feeling safe
  • Maltese, a smart dog who requires lots of grooming and gives lots of affection
  • Shih Tzu, a curious dog who thrives on human companionship

Purrfect pets
Cats are also great pets for older adults. Thought they are notoriously independent, they can also be great company. Some local shelters allow senior citizens to adopt cats for free, as long as the cats are over a certain age. Check with your local shelter to see if they have a similar program.
Before you rush out and get a pet for someone, make sure they actually want it. Any pet comes with responsibility. So make sure any pet provides company, not creates a burden.

Is there any senior that you know that has a pet?

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