Want to stand out from the crowd? A pet snake draped around your shoulders should do the trick.

Snakes are very interesting pets, all creepiness aside. If you’re thinking about bringing a snake into your home, learn all you can before. Since snakes can live a long time—20 years or more—be sure of your commitment.

  • Wary of handling rodents? If so, a pet snake may not be the choice for you. While some snakes may readily accept frozen rodents (which you can buy in bulk), others prefer their meat alive.
  • Ask around or consult a reptile expert before choosing your breed. Corn snakes, milk snakes, and ball pythons all make fairly good pets. And while it may be tempting to run into the woods and get a snake for free, it is very important to get a snake already bred in captivity. Wild snakes will not be as easily tamed, and may be more prone to disease.
  • Snakes will try to do what they do best – escape. Make sure you get an escape-proof tank. Snakes are persistent and all they need to get out is a tiny opening!

Novice snake owners should NOT get large constricting snakes, or venomous snakes. These creatures have more care requirements and are not the best place to start. Take it one cautious step at a time, you snake lovers,  to keep you and our reptilian friends safe and happy.
Source: exoticpets.about.com

Snakes are exciting yet potentially extremely dangerous and risky. Many think having a snake in your house is simply too risky. Are they just being paranoid or is it really too dangerous? What do  you think?

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