Pets for Life – and Longer

Several weeks ago, we talked about what to expect as your pet ages. This week, we thought we’d bring you a list of some pet lifespans. Before reading more, who do you think can live the longest, a house cat or a box turtle? Find out….

When you think about having a new pet join your household, be sure you find out how long he’s likely to be your companion. Some pets have an amazing lifespan—much longer than ours! Here’s the word from the “Top 10 List” website:

4 years: Keep a house mouse happy, well fed and safe, and he’ll live to a healthy age of about four, on average.
8-10 years: Bunnies are a bit fragile, according to reports. But with good care, they’ll be your companion for about a decade.
20 years: Cats and dogs are popular, of course.  The dog's life span is about 20 faithful, loving years. A house cat's lifespan—not those who live outside—is 21 years or so of independence in your home.
60 years: If you want a pet for life, get a catfish when you’re a kid. Yes, that’s what I said! A catfish can live swimmingly in an aquarium for about as long as many humans can live on land!
70 years: We’re definitely getting into the range of pets that require lifelong commitment—and maybe even a note in your will. Here’s another with a long lifespan: Parrots can live up to 70 years.
102 years: You might not know it from their looks, but the beautiful swan can live a long life if they get good care and lots of attention.
120-150 years! If you choose a box turtle as your pet, start succession planning. They’re the longest living pets in the world.  Small ones can live a century, and giant ones can reach 150 years old! So if a box turtle is part of your family, get a family member lined up to care for him when you’re gone.

How old is the oldest pet you’ve ever had? Have you ever inherited one? Tell us about it.

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