Pets in Cars

Pets in hot cars? Yikes! While we may enjoy running errands with our furry friends, you would be surprised at what temperatures can be dangerous to pets. 

When I am not writing blogs on pet health, I am a student and a worker at a local grocery store. Throughout the summer, I can recall about five incidents when customers have come up to me and informed me of pets left in parked cars with the windows rolled up. If it were the fall or winter, this might not be so bad. But when the temperatures are in the 100’s, as they’ve been where I am from, this is a major problem. Even when the temperatures seem very mild to us humans, it could be very dangerous for pets in parked cars with no air conditioning or open windows. Keep reading to learn more on keeping your pet safe in the car while you may be running a few errands.

For starters, just take a guess at the temperature which becomes dangerous to animals. Do you think 70’s or 80’s, maybe? Wrong. On a 78 degree day, for example, a parked car can reach up to 90 degrees. If the car is parked in the sun, it can even reach over 100 degrees! Those temperatures are very dangerous to pets. I mean, think about it. 100 degrees is warm for us humans, and we don’t have fur coats!

Experts say it’s dangerous to leave dogs in cars when the temperature outside is in the 60’s. This is especially true if it is a sunny day. It can take only a matter of minutes before your furry pal can succumb to heatstroke or suffocation.

Next time, think twice before leaving your pet in the car, or before putting your pooch in the car at all! Always be sure to crack the windows, at the very least, or to leave your pet at home if it is too hot.

Do you take your pet along with you on errands? What do you do when you have to leave the car?

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