New Pet? Put an end to boring uninspired pet names!

Choosing a name for your newest bundle of fur can be difficult. After all, you’re unfamiliar with the nuances of the puppy or kitten’s personality until you’ve been around him or her for a while. This is probably why so many people resort to naming their pets according to appearance, yielding a multitude of cats named Boots, Mittens, Snowball and Ginger, and dogs named Patches, Spot, Shaggy and Curly. Then you have the group of folks who name their pets after Twilight characters, but don’t get me started on them.
Rather than naming your pet according to markings, coloration or after a character in an emo-teen novel, consider choosing a name from classic literature. American and British classics are both full of distinguished, respectable names any cat, dog or iguana would be thrilled to bear. For example, consider the following:
Love the roaring twenties? How about Gatsby, Daisy or Klipspringer?
Think a good time is a bunch of adolescents fighting it out on a deserted island? How about Ralph, Jack, Simon or Piggy?
Partial to gothic romance? (I know I certainly am.) Consider Jane, Rochester, Brocklehurst, Grace, Heathcliff, Catherine, Edgar or Linton.
Dream of journeying up the Mississippi river? How about Huckleberry, Sawyer, Watson or Pap?
In love with unrequited love? Consider Pip, Estella, Havisham, Magwitch or Jaggers.
A quick Google search or trip to the bookstore will yield thousands of potential pet names culled from works of classic literature. Choosing your favorite for your furry friend can be a constant reminder of a beloved tale.

Are you sick and tired of all the overused boring pet names? What interesting and exciting names can you come up with? Share your creative suggestion with us in the comments below.

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