Pet Wallaby

The pet from down under. Just how exotic are wallabies as pets?

The answer is…very! At least, they are for their owners. To be clear, wallabies are like a miniature kangaroo, and not to be confused with an actual kangaroo. Wallabies get to be about 35 to 40 pounds, and grow to about 2.5 feet. That would reach to the average person’s knees. Exotic pet owners can adopt wallabies from independent breeders, and most wallaby “joeys”—or babies—cost from $1,200 to $1,800.

Wallabies can be housetrained to live inside, just like any other pet. However, they love the outdoors and can remain outside yearlong as long as they have a shelter for troublesome weather. Wallabies are very adaptive creatures, along with being very social. And they’re surprisingly lovable. If the owner starts socializing with a wallaby at a young age, the wallaby will become very attached–much like cats and dogs do.

As with any exotic pet, they need the care of an exotic pet veterinarian who is qualified to treat this breed of animal. Another important issue for owners is having food that their pet wallaby might eat, and their preferences might surprise you. Wallabies eat raw fruits and vegetables, along with wheat bread and grass. What an interesting variety! Also on the wallaby’s dinner plate is a special formulated food that provides all the nutrients and vitamins that the exotic pet will need. Owners get the formulated food from exotic pet stores or order it online.

If you’re not up for a wallaby as a pet, you can still check out these cute critters at many zoos.

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