Pet Trusts: How to Care for your Pet Even When you Can Not

More Americans own pets than ever before. We consider our animals to be part of the family and are providing provisions for them in our wills.

46 states now allow pet owners to set up a pet trust in their will. You cannot leave money directly to your pet, since states treat animals a property and therefore, cannot own property themselves. However, pet parents can set up a trust to dictate how their animals are cared for should they pass away.

A trust allows the pet owner to appoint a trustee who is there to ensure that the animal is cared for and the owner’s wishes are carried out. Many pet owners find peace after knowing that their pets will be cared for after they die.

For many pet parents, pets are children to and they want to ensure their health and safety. Pet trusts are easy to set up and guarantee that someone will care for their pets when they are not able to.

Did you create a trust for your pet? Let us know in the comments section.

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