Pet Sweaters: Impressive Fashion Statement or Seriously Warm Garment?

Are those cute pet sweaters simply a fashion statement, or can they add an important layer of warmth for your pet? It’s wintertime, which means it’s time to break out the sweaters! But, do dogs need sweaters? It seems the popular fashion choice this winter is to dress the dog, not just the kids. There are multiple options to choose from, from sweaters and coats to leather jackets, and some even sport rhinestones! You name it, it’s probably out there! But is there a real need to purchase your pet winter clothes?  

Who needs it?

Some types and breeds of dogs have problems retaining their body heat. This is why wearing a sweater or doggy coat will actually help them. If it’s really chilly, stepping out into the cold temperature is exactly like a human stepping out into the snow only wearing a shirt. And when it comes to “necessary trips” outdoors, would you want to use the bathroom outside in cold conditions? Neither does your dog. It all stems from how thick a dog’s fur coat is. This is also why dogs such as Alaskan huskies survive just fine in freezing temperatures.

According to the website, three kinds of dogs can benefit from sweaters and/or coats:

  1. Dogs with thin body types and thin coats (Think Greyhounds and Whippets)
  2. Small dogs (Chihuahua’s definitely count)
  3. Senior citizen dogs or dogs who are ill

Dogs who suffer from arthritis can also benefit from wearing a sweater in cold weather.

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To find cute pet outfits and dog sweaters, check out your vet and local pet store, plus online and in popular stores such as Target, Walmart, Doctors Foster and Smith website, and Petco stores and website.

Do you put a sweater on your dog in the winter? Share with us in the comments!

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