Pet Supplements and an Exclusive Pet Assure Partnership

Healthy Happy DogWhat is a Pet Supplement?  There are 2 types of pet supplements: dietary supplements and therapeutic supplements.

Pet dietary supplements (also called dietary nutrients) are substances added to pet foods to make them nutritionally complete and balanced.

Pet therapeutic supplements (also called nutraceuticals) are foods or food nutrients that are taken orally to provide a health benefit, either for prevention or treatment of disease. To have a therapeutic effect, a therapeutic supplement is usually taken in a larger dose than the daily requirement of that same food when used as a nutrient.

Supplements are not a cure for sickness. In humans and dogs alike, health starts in the gut. Once the gut is healthy, the immune system can work more efficiently to eliminate the causes of different health issues. The correct supplements dispensed in the correct amounts allow the dog’s body to become naturally balanced.

Pet Assure is proud to announce a partnership with Dr. Kruger Supplements, Inc. They have different formulas to meet needs of pets through each stage of life. If you are interested in trying out one of their formulas, please e-mail with information about your dog.

Do you give your pets any supplements? Share your experience with us in the comments!

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