Pet Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders: sweet or sour? Sugar gliders as pets are very popular, but is there trouble behind their cuteness? Sugar gliders are tiny marsupials that are no bigger than a mouse. They have big eyes that bug out and their coats have stripes. While they are advertised as being a “pocket pet,” they may need a little higher maintenance than that name suggests.

Since they are exotic animals, sugar gliders are unpredictable in their behavior. While one second they may hang on and be very loving towards their human, the next second they could be biting and acting very aggressively towards their owner. Also, it takes quite a while for them to form a bond with their owner, so it takes a lot of time for them to settle down and behave more friendly. Sugar gliders need seven to eight hours a day to be bonding with their owner. That means seven to eight hours a day that the gliders are physically on their humans.

Sugar gliders are also more difficult pets than the average dog because they’re nocturnal. This means that while you are sleeping at night, your sugar glider is wide awake and probably wants attention! This could be very annoying for owners who enjoy their sleep. Along with the difficulties presented as an exotic pet, sugar gliders also have the small annoyances everyday pets have, such as peeing on their owners, smelling bad and picking fights with other animals.

Sugar gliders present their difficulties as pets, but the right owners could provide good homes and love to these exotic animals.

Do you know anyone that has a pet sugar glider? Tell us about it in the comments!

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