Pet Stockings: Time to Stuff!

Christmas is just around the corner, and my girls are excited. Okay, I’m excited. They probably don’t know what month it is or recognize holidays. I mean, if you’re a cat, every day is a holiday–or at least a vacation, right? Anyway, I already have a little stash of pet christmas gifts in the closet for my kitties. Special treats such as new feathers for the Da Bird, sparkle puffballs in pretty colors (princess pink!), and fancy bonito flakes from the ethnic aisle at Whole Foods.

According to an October 2011 poll, I’m not alone in my urge to shower the critters with Christmas gifts. Fifty-one percent of the pet owners polled said they planned to buy a holiday gift for their pet this year. This is actually up from 50 percent last year, so the economy doesn’t appear to be taking a toll on pet stocking stuffer budgets.

As far as what they plan to purchase, 68 percent are planning to buy their pet toys (69 percent bought toys last Christmas). Forty-five percent of pet owners polled are planning to give food or another treat (48 percent did so last year) as their pet christmas gifts. Eight percent are planning to wrap up a new bed for their pet (up from 6 percent last year). Whereas 10 percent of pet owners polled bought their pet clothing last year, only 6 percent are planning a similar purchase this year. Makes you wonder if a few of them learned their lesson after trying (unsuccessfully) to put a reindeer sweater on an uncooperative feline.

As far as budget, I personally don’t have one. I’ll be the first to admit my babies are SPOILED. The pet owners polled planned to spend an average of $46 on gifts for their pets. This is up from an average of $41 in 2010. However, 72 percent of those pet owners plan to spend $30 or less.

What’s going in your pet’s stocking this year? Coal or catnip? Let us know in the comments.

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