Pet Sitting Tips

So you’ve landed your first pet sitting job. Congratulations! However, the job may not be as easy as you think. Here are some tips and pointers for newbie sitters.

There will probably come a time in almost every person’s life when they are asked by a family member or friend to check in on or watch the beloved family pet. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Just like humans, pets can have special dietary restrictions, specific medicines that need to be taken, and a whole slew of other needs. So, before you get in over your head, let’s go over some ground rules.

  • Schedule a visit to meet the furry friend before your job begins. I once agreed to check in on a cat that I had never met before. The cat turned out to be very mean, and I was actually scared of it! You will want to make sure that you can handle the energy level and personality of the animal that you will be responsible for.
  • Ask for the owners to make a list of specific instructions for the pet you are watching. This list should include:
    • Feeding time(s)
    • The amount of food that should be given
    • Where the treats are stashed
    • The time of day that you should see the animal
    • When and how to play (i.e., what time should you go for a walk, and for how long)
    • Any medicines that are to be taken
  • You may also want to get a list of all the emergency phone numbers. That list should not only include the owners, but also the veterinarian and the animal hospital.

Pet sitting really boils down to being prepared. Once you know the animal and understand its routine, it’s easy from there!

Did you ever pet sit? Share YOUR tips in the comment section!

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