Pet Safety, Before Disaster Strikes

Environmental disasters, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, may strike suddenly, but that doesn’t mean you and your pet can’t be prepared. Here are some tips for pet emergency preparedness.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we are continuing to learn how to prepare our pets before an emergency, such as a hurricane, flood, tornado or wild fire. One of the very first steps in preparing for these events is to ensure that your pet has some sort of identification. While collars with nametags are always helpful, modern technology has advanced to microchips that can be implanted in your furry friend. The microchips hold the pet’s information, including the owners name, location and phone number. An emergency contact may be another piece of information you want to include. A lost pet with a microchip can be taken to a veterinary office and be scanned to find out who its family is.

The next step to keeping your pet secure in times of an emergency is to include pet supplies in a disaster kit. In this pet emergency kit, stock up on non-perishables, including leashes, a carrier, blanket and toys. Also include large plastic bottles for water and a container to store food in, so you can fill them up quickly and take them with you. In your own personal emergency kit, you may want to consider keeping a photo of your pet in case your family and the pet get separated.

The final note on preparing for your pet’s safety in a disaster is to plan to evacuate your pet with you, if you can. This might mean researching evacuation shelters that take pets. But if your pet gets left behind unexpectedly, don’t give up on their safety. Find a hotline to report your pet’s whereabouts. Use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate needs, as well.

Environmental disasters may occur suddenly, but that doesn’t mean that your family and your pet can’t be prepared.

Do you have a plan in case a disaster strikes? Share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. Mary Murphy says:

    I had a safe room installed in my garage in case of a tornado.I have bottled water, hard dog food, hard and canned cat food, dog treats, kennels for the dogs and the cat that I stack. I have one large dog that I just put a doggy bed on the floor because his kennel is so big it takes up too much room. I also have leashes for them and pee pads and a litter box for the cat. Of course, I have a porta potty for me and other humans. I know a tornado only lasts a short time, but if the door gets blocked with debris or my house gets destroyed, I have enough to last for awhile.

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