Pet Resolutions for 2014

Kicking off 2014! If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions yet, have no fear! Here are some ideas to kick off 2014 with good habits, for both you and your pet.

For those who need a little inspiration, or for those whose past resolutions may not have stuck, it’s never too late to set new goals and create new habits. Here are a few goals to consider for the New Year.

  • Learn new, fun pet tricks, or just improve obedience. Learning tricks can be both easy and rewarding—for you and your pet! The trick for this to work is to 1. plan ahead for when and how often you want to work with your pet. (Maybe once a day, once a week?) and 2. decide which trick(s) you want to concentrate on.

You can spruce up your pet’s “stay,” or teach them how to “crawl,” as my family has taught our Chocolate lab. Plan to reward each trick with one treat. Treats are now being sold in local pet stores that can help your pet’s dental hygiene and also contain vitamins.

  • Increase bonding and exercise time with your pet. This is one of the most classic New Year’s resolutions, for both human and animal alike! Exercise can release energy and help foster the bond between you and your furry friend. If your choice of exercise is to walk with your dog, this is also a good time to use the first suggestion, above, and work on obedience skills. If you are the owner of a cat or a bunny, consider taking walks with those animals, too.
  • Work on pet dental hygiene. A common area that is often overlooked by owners is the animal’s mouth. Pets can develop gum disease or have rotted teeth just like any human. To succeed with this resolution, mark on your calendar a couple days of the month that you will brush your pet’s teeth. Another option is to invest in treats that can help with both breath and teeth.

Whether you are just improving old habits or creating new ones, start the New Year off with the right foot, or paw!

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