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Guest Post: Elliot Harvey’s Natural Health Column:

Here are some frequently asked pet questions and answers:

Q- My dog constantly licks her paw, sometimes until it is hairless and sore. What is the problem and how can I help her?
A- Paw licking can be attributed to either allergies or a bacterial infection. The common term is Lick Granuloma. Dogs have sweat glands in their paws, walking in a newly seeded or chemically sprayed yard or park can cause redness and itching. A flea bite can initiate licking. Washing her feet with OxyDoc can relieve this condition, a foot wash including Aloe Vera Organic Gel and a few drops of Essential Oils of Neem oil and Chamomile can relieve the itch and help calm the animal.

Q- My dog is getting older and is having urination problems. He doesn’t want to get up and go outside to urinate in the evening. What can I do?
A- Canine incontinence can occur when the kidneys and bladder start degrading. Walk him more often throughout the day. If his normal procedure is once, try 3-4 times daily and sometimes change the walking route, this may encourage him to urinate on new smells. Some dogs with urinary problems may also have a bacterial infection in the bladder. Try 2-3 teaspoons (depending on size of dog) organic unsweetened cranberry juice over a week’s time. Black Elder extract is beneficial for incontinence.

Q- Our dog is constantly eating his stool. We’ve tried placing hot pepper sauce on it- didn’t work. Is there anything else we can do?
A- When a dog eats poop, it's trying to tell you that his diet is not sufficient, he’s not absorbing nutrients or he's stressed out. Some young dogs eat stools as a learning experience and stop. Some dogs eat other dog’s stool to show territory dominance. Change to a preservative free, natural dog food. Add additional digestive plant enzymes to his meal. Give only natural treats.

Q- Is there a natural remedy to rid worms from my dog?
A- There are actually quite a few, here are some: canned pumpkin (yes, the same you use in a pumpkin pie-without the spices), liquid extract of Black Walnut/Wormwood combination, Neem leaves, Pomegranate Seeds ground fine and given can help rid tapeworm, Vidanja can be effective against tapeworm.

The question of the week: If a chicken has grain in his diet, can he still be used in a grain free dog diet food?
This was an actual question!

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