Pet Politics: Pet Ownership as Predictor of Political Affiliation

I’m a cat person. That’s pretty obvious to everyone who knows me – and to my reader’s here on the Pet Assure blog. While I love animals of all varieties, cats have always had their furry little paws wrapped tightly around my heart. But does my love of all things feline serve as a clue to my political affiliation?

According to a 2010 article on the always-interesting website Freakonomics, it very well might. The author cites a 2008 Gallup survey in which researchers asked 2,000 Americans about their pet ownership, level of education and political affiliation.

The survey revealed that 14 percent of the respondents owned a cat, 28 percent owned a dog and 15 percent were parents to both. As far as education, 31.5 percent of the cat owners and 30.1 percent of the dog owners earned college diplomas.

Then there were the ideological differences. Thirty-three percent of the surveyed dog owners identified themselves as republican, whereas only 28 percent of the cat owners did so. The survey also revealed that cat owners are more likely to identify themselves as independent voters rather than left or right leaning. 

A quick perusal of my Facebook friends list and the timelines of proud pet parents reveal that the data present above appears to be accurate. The majority of my friends with dogs (no cats) are decidedly conservative. Many with cats (and no dogs) are liberal. Interestingly, the few who have both dogs and cats appear to be less likely to discuss their political views on social media.

Are you a dog owner or cat owner? Are you a democrat, republican or independent? Chime in below!

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