Pet Plastic Surgery

Facelift for Fido? True or false: the emerging trend in plastic surgery now involves pets. Let’s find out!

This rumor is…true! While plastic surgery has been a major trend in Hollywood, it is now starting to creep its way into veterinarian offices. The most popular instance of cosmetic surgery in dogs is the new invention, Neuticals. Neuticals are synthetic stand-ins for body parts of male dogs that are neutered. More specifically, they are bean-shaped silicone implants that are swapped in through a tiny slit during the neutering process. The size of the Neuticals can be determined based on the size of the dog, and no complications have arisen so far. This surgery is somewhat controversial as there are no particular health benefits from this surgery, and it is only for the dog’s appearance. Several pet owners have spoken out against the procedure, and voiced that the money spent on the surgical operations should be donated to animal shelters instead.

While getting Neuticals is a procedure that is purely for the look of the dog, there are some plastic surgeries that can actually improve the health and quality of life of your pet. For instance, owners of Bulldogs are embracing plastic surgery for animals because it can help reduce breathing complications and infections. Bulldogs are known for having deep wrinkles, which are prone to getting infected. So, just like in humans, Botox can help reduce the wrinkles and the chances of infection occurring. Furthermore, a nose job can help this particular breed breathe easier because they have such flat noses.

While plastic surgery has been around a long time for helping humans, it is just now emerging for animals.

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