Pet Plastic Surgery is on the Rise: From Nose Jobs to "Neuticals"

Would you Botox your boxer? Does your shar pei need a little wrinkle relief? Could your bloodhound use some braces? From facelifts to nose jobs, braces to prosthetic parts, a UK pet insurance company recently reported that pet cosmetic surgery claims are on the rise.

Before you schedule your lhasa apso for some lipo, you should know that most vets will not perform what could be termed a “cosmetic” procedure unless it will enable your pet to lead a healthier, more active life. For example, crooked teeth can cause painful sores. Orthodontics can straighten teeth and alleviate the pain.

Some breeds with wrinkled faces fail to grow into their folds. The sagging skin can obstruct their vision. In these cases, a facelift may be beneficial. Nose jobs (which have increased by 25 percent over three years, according to the aforementioned company), can alleviate breathing problems for short-faced breeds.

Entropion is a common inherited condition in breeds such as bloodhounds, bulldogs, chow chows, mastiffs, retrievers, rottweilers and shar peis. The condition manifests in young adult dogs when their eyelids roll inward, causing excessive tearing and squinting. If left untreated, it can eventually lead to blindness. Eyelid lift surgery has been beneficial in treating the condition in some dogs.

The insertion of prosthetic silicone testicles is a rather common, yet purely cosmetic, plastic surgery procedure performed on neutered dogs. Apparently, over 250,000 pets have been “Neuticaled” worldwide since 1995.

Most pet owners consider their dogs and cats to be part of their family. Therefore, it is not surprising that many would spare no expense to ensure their furry friends have the best possible lives.

How do you feel about pet plastic surgery? Would you consider one of these treatments for your pet?

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