Pet Pigs

Oink, oink went the pig! Find your own Wilbur or Pumba! If you’re like me, you grew up reading the childhood classic “Charlotte’s Web,” which features the cute little pig Wilbur. While owning pigs as pets wasn’t big at the time, now it is a new pet trend. That may seem like a funny choice, but they have several good qualities that make them desirable pets.

  • Pigs are actually very intelligent. They can be liter-box trained for in the house, and they can be trained to only use the bathroom in one corner of the yard. However, their smartness is a double-edged sword because they can become bored very easily. Typically destruction follows this boredom, so be wary of your house or lawn!
  • Contrary to their reputation, pigs don’t have an odor! Poor Wilbur and Pumba—their reputations for smelliness were undeserved!
  • Pigs generally have very good health. They still require annual check-ups with the vet, along with vaccinations and hoof trimmings. However, be wary of cold weather, which can stress your piggy out! Pigs are susceptible to getting pneumonia and have trouble recuperating due to their tiny lungs.
  • Pigs may also be good for pet owners with allergies. Pigs have short, bristle-like hairs, which are very unlike the fur cats and dogs have.

A pig for a pet can be great for the right person. However, do your own research to make sure that you can give a pig good home.

Do you know anyone with a pet pig? Tell us about it in the comments!

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