Pet Photo Tips

I’m a lucky woman. Not only am I blessed with three fur-babies and a fantastic husband, but my babies are gorgeous and my husband is a fabulous photographer. My stairway is graced with dozens of portraits of my pretty princesses. We never experience a shortage of holiday card pet portrait options.

Even if you’re not married to a professional photographer, you can still create unforgettable portraits of your fuzzy family. Just start with the right tools, like the new Pentax digital camera, the Optio RZ18. It features an 18x optical zoom lens, a 3-inch LCD viewing screen and takes photos as well as recording video.

Thanks to Pentax’s Shake Reduction image stabilization, your images will be blur-free even at maximum zoom levels. Even better, Face Detection makes perfect pet pictures easy. The camera includes the latest version of Pentax’s Pet Mode, which detects the faces of dogs and cats with “great accuracy” (according to Pentax).

Available in October, the Optio RZ18 will retail for around $300. It would make a fantastic gift for yourself or another pet-lover on your holiday shopping list.

Of course, the best pictures require more than a great camera. Here are a few pet photo tips to help you take perfect pet photos every time: 

  • Have fun and don’t rush. Great pet portraits require patience.
  • Natural light generally produces the best results. Photograph your pet outside or near a big window (overcast days are best). Flash can cause red eye and startle your pet.
  • Get down on pet level. Sit or lie on the floor if necessary.
  • Fill the frame and use a zoom setting or wide lens. Close-ups of your pet’s face often lead to beautiful portraits.
  • It has been said, “The eyes are the windows of the soul.” Use your autofocus setting if necessary to keep eyes sharp.
  • It can be helpful to recruit a family member to assistant. Have him/her distract your pet with a favorite toy or treat.
  • Take multiple shots in succession. You may capture a great expression when you least expect it.

Do you take pictures of your pet often? Share some tips with us on how to get the perfect shot!

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