Ask Seth: Pet Pekin Ducks need Companions?

I have a 3-year old male Pekin duck as a pet. He is the only duck that we have. He is very well taken care of (food, water, shelter). Because nobody is home all day, I am wondering if we should get him a companion duck. He is a big boy. Do you think he would accept this new companion duck, or is he set in his ways and it would not be a good idea? I think of him as my child, so I am afraid he may be lonely. He has always been by himself, but I'm wondering if maybe a companion would be good for him. What do you suggest?

Ducks, especially Pekin ducks, are social animals and I think that you should get him a companion duck. Ducks feel safer and happier in a flock, even a small one. I would check with a refuge or rescue facility before purchasing a duck to see if there is are any older ducks that need adoption. If none are available for adoption, I would then purchase another duck or maybe even a pair of ducks. It is important to make sure that the housing area is sufficient enough for the new addition. Consider a male for a companion since they can be housed together and fed the same type of food. Speak with your veterinarian about any behavior issues that may arise, although the ducks should be able to work things out. Your Pekin duck will be happy with his new companion.

Do you keep ducks as pets? How many do you have?

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  1. Lemon Doodle says:

    We have 2 6mo old Pekins and we LOVE them. They are so funny and sweet. I am so glad we got them.

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