Pet Medicines: How to Save Money

You’d better shop around! The FDA has approved over 300 drugs for dogs, cats and horses. If your pet needs one of those pet medicines, learn how to make sure he’s getting the most out of each dose so your wallet doesn’t suffer.

With your love and care, your pets have a better chance today than ever before to live a long, healthy life. When they need medicines in addition to that love, you owe it to yourself to keep your pocketbook as healthy as possible, too.

Here are ways to protect both your pet and your pocketbook:

  • Ask your vet about all the options for any drugs he needs. As with human medicines, cheap pet medicine, in the form of generics, might also be available.
  • Compare prices to see whether you should buy pet meds on-line, at your vet’s and at pet stores.
  • Give your pet medicines exactly as directed. That will give him all the benefits to keep him as healthy as possible and help you avoid additional vet visits.
  • If you’re wasting doses because your pet throws it up or spits it out, ask your vet for tips and tricks.
  • If you’re not sure about a medicine, ask! Learn what a medicine is supposed to do, if it has any side effects you should know about, how to give it, how often to give it, and when to stop giving it.

What are your tips for saving on your pet’s medicines?

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