Pet Love

My husband and I love our pets. Each one—from gerbils to bunnies to cats—is an integral member of the family, as deserving of love, respect and consideration as we are. While we’re certainly not millionaires, we spare no expense in their care. And as much as we enjoy the company of our human friends, there are times when we choose hanging at home with our critters over barbecues, parties and other social engagements.

I always suspected that we might be kind of weird. However, I’ve learned that we’re not alone in our attitudes, actions or preferences. In fact, a June survey of registered voters conducted by Public Policy Polling revealed there are many Americans like us.

61 percent of the survey participants own at least one pet, with the care of their animals taking between one and five hours (46 percent) and more than 20 hours (6 percent) each week. Despite the time commitment of pet ownership, nearly 20 percent still prefer to spend time with their animal over most human beings.

Americans living in rural areas are most likely to prefer pets to humans (33 percent), followed by those in urban areas (19 percent) and suburban locations (12 percent). Those of us who tend towards introversion are also more likely to prefer the companionship of our animals (30 percent). Only 14 percent of extroverts have similar preferences.

Forty-four percent of the voters surveyed own dogs, while 31 percent own cats. Thirty-one percent allow their pets to sleep in bed with them.

Do the results of this survey describe you? Let us know in the comments!

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