Pet Heroes: Part 2

My cats are very territorial. One summer evening, before I installed a gate on the patio, a neighborhood Doberman wandered up to the sliding glass door. He seemed friendly and curious, sniffing at the cats through the screen. I thought it was kind of cute, though my cats did not. Other animals agree with them. I found many pet stories of protective pets defending their owners against much worse than curious Dobermans.In 2011, a macaw named Charlie defended his owner, Jack Dukes, of Fort Smith, Arkansas, against robbers who had invaded their home. Dukes answered his door at 2:35 a.m. assuming it was his neighbor. Unfortunately, it was two men looking for pills. They knocked Dukes back against a table, and then began beating him and demanding his prescription medications. Charlie came to the rescue. After swooping in, screaming and squawking, the macaw took a chunk out of one robber’s arm with his beak. The robbers fled the home.

In 2010, north of Vancouver, British Columbia, an 18-month-old golden retriever defended an 11-year-old boy against an attacking cougar. Austin Forman was outdoors fetching wood for the family’s furnace with Angel at his side. Forman spotted the cougar near the woodshed, but it was too late. The cat pounced and Angel leapt between it and the child. Forman ran to the house and alerted his mother, who called 911. The responding officer shot the cougar and freed Angel, who veterinarians later treated for extensive, although not life-threatening, injuries.

In 2011, in Hillsboro, Ohio, a dog named Hercules saved the Littler family from burglary, and possibly worse, only hours after his adoption. As Rubert Littler took the 135-pound saint bernard out the back door to go to the bathroom, Hercules began growling. The dog rushed through the screen door and into the backyard, where a man was exiting the Littler’s basement. Hercules chased the intruder across the yard to the fence before grabbing him by the ankle. Police later discovered that the telephone and cable lines to the Littler home had been cut by the intruder.

Do you think these pets were defending their owners or just defending their territories? What would your furry or feathered pal do in such a situation? Chime in below!

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