Pet Heroes: This Time, the Human Kind

We recently covered the case of the bunny who rescued his family from a house fire. We now share a pet hero, animal rescue story that stars two-footed friends.

Pets do amazing things when their owners are at risk. We recently shared the unusual tale of a rabbit that woke up his owners when their house was on fire. Today, we turn to humans who do amazing things when pets—even other people’s pets—are at risk.

A coming rainstorm, a drainage pipe and a crying kitten makes for the beginning of this suspenseful tale. Those three items are what put a number of people into action recently in California. It seems that a curious kitten went wandering into a pipe and got stuck when the river below became swift. Once inside, he had nowhere to go. And with more rain coming, the predicament was going to get dicier. The situation looked dire. Even if someone heard him, the waters were moving too fast for anyone to approach safely by foot. However, a handful of heroes were not deterred. Here is the cast of our tale:

Hero 1: A pet-lover out on an evening stroll in Los Angeles was the first person to discover the kitty’s peril. She heard and then saw him trapped in the drainage pipe, and she saw by the swiftness of the water he wouldn’t get out the same way he got it. She didn’t hesitate to act, and she called 9-1-1.

Hero 2: The emergency dispatcher quickly put the caller in touch with L. A. Animal Services, who she knew has special training for things like this.

Hero 3: L.A. Animal Services, with their “Small Animal Rescue Team,” which includes a vet trained for just such events.

Heroes 4, 5, 6, etc.….: A team of rescuers, whose love and work involves working with animals, had to rappel on ropes to reach the trapped kitty. With experience and training in similar rescues, they succeeded.

Many big, strong heroes were there for that little kitty that day. Want to see how he’s doing and how kind the rescue workers were? See the video at MSNBC.

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