Pet Hero: A Smart Rabbit!

This bunny deserves a cape and a statue! If you’ve ever wondered about how smart, devoted or heroic different types of pets are, let’s not only think of dog heroes or cat heroes. Let's never again forget to consider the rabbit. That’s because a bunny in Alaska is getting the credit for saving lives. 

We’ve heard about smart rabbits that will actually use a litter box. That gives them some extra freedom around the house. What might a rabbit do with such freedom? Well, when a house fire broke out, guess who came to the rescue?

Early one morning in September (2011), a fire broke out in the Ketchikan, Alaska, home of a mom and daughter. Both were asleep and unaware of the danger, until their pet rabbit jumped into action. Despite smoke and flames licking and swirling in the home, the rabbit apparently jumped up onto the bed and started scratching at the chest of the mother, waking her up. When she roused, her attention went quickly from her pet’s odd behavior to what the rabbit was reacting to: the fact that her room was filled with smoke—and her daughter was down the hall. The fire eventually brought five fire trucks and over two dozen rescue personnel to the scene. But it was because of the heroic and amazingly smart behavior of their little bunny that both the mom and daughter escaped the house safely—even before emergency crews could arrive.

The sad end to this tale is that the little bunny didn’t survive the smoke. But we think he deserves a little statue for heroism, cape and all.

Have you heard of any pet heroes? Have you seen one in action? Tell us about it!

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