Pet Halloween Costumes Ideas

Trick or treat! October is upon us, which means Halloween is right around the corner! What will your pet costume be this year?

I am sure that, by now, many of you have seen the viral sensation that was the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog.” In case you haven’t, look below to find a link to watch the video. Just a warning: do not watch this if you are in a public place—or your office—where you need to be quiet! (It’s not scary, just hilarious!) That courageous, and friendly, pooch has now set the bar very high for pet Halloween costumes.

If you are in need of some clever ideas, look no further than here:

  • “I Dream of Weenie”: This is a cute costume for any Dachshunds out there. Find or make a miniature genie costume, and voila! Instead of “I dream of genie,” it’s “I dream of weenie.”
  • Cat, Dog or Lion?: For the cats out there, it’s time to switch it up. There are now full-body costumes of dog breeds that are actually made for cats. There are also other versions of this outfit, including lions… and dinosaurs!
  • “Pugkin Spice Latte”: Starbucks isn’t just a coffee drink, it’s a costume! This is an easy DIY project for your pug—or any dog or cat. And it’s not expensive. Find a long piece of thin cardboard that can comfortably fit around your pet’s belly and back. To hold the piece of cardboard together, tape it. Draw or print out the Starbucks logo to go on the cardboard. Then, pick up a coffee lid, and attach it to an elastic band that will fit around your animal’s head. The elastic should be tight so that it doesn’t fall off, but you should be able to slide two fingers comfortably between the elastic and your pet’s skin. Now you have it: Pugkin Spice Latte!

While this is a fun time of the year, your animal’s safety always comes first. Your pet should be able to get out of the costume if it needs to. The outfit also needs to fit appropriately, and not be too tight around the neck or limbs.

Time to go trick-or-treating! Oh yeah: here’s that dog costume that set the bar so high: Click here for “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” video link.

What are you and your pet dressing up as this year? Tell us in the comment section and send us pictures!

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