Pet Halloween Costume

Pretending to be something interesting or fun is part of the fun at Halloween. You can get your pet in on the action, too. Check out these cheap pet costume ideas.

If you enjoy the fun of dressing up at Halloween, take it a step further this year and get a costume for your pet. You can dress your dog as a cat and your cat as a dog—or find a way to make you and your pet a matching set.

You certainly don’t have to spend big bucks for the few hours you and your pet will be in “disguise”. Here are our inexpensive favorites:

– For the simplest and cheapest pet costume, try a seasonal or theme-related bandana. You can even make one out of scrap fabric.
– Is your pet your “baby?” Then let everyone know. Dress him up in baby attire. This costume is good for almost any size animal. Visit the local thrift shop for a onesie or baby tee-shirt. Or shop for bigger shirts for bigger dogs. Either cut holes for the back legs and tail, or just trim the shirt at the “waist.” A child’s stroller will complete the picture!
– Whip up an “animal coat” for a small dog or cat. Transform your pet using a zebra print, giraffe print or colorful fake fur. Here’s a free pattern and instructions online.
– For a “space” theme, use the pattern mentioned above and use metallic or shiny fabric.
– For a larger pet, recycle a small child’s costume—either one you have on hand or find at a thrift store. Find one that complements yours—maybe you can both be super heroes or Dorothy and Toto. (For the most fun, you’d be Toto!). For your pet’s costume, try it on him inside-out and safety-pin to fit where needed. Mark the sleeves so you can cut it to length. Turn it back outside-in, put it back on, and you’re ready to go.
– Love the beach? Try a bikini that’s made for a kid or doll.

Transform a tee! Find a t-shirt that fits your pet. Then use magic marker to personalize your pup’s or kitty’s costume. Or glue items on it to fit your theme:

– Glue or safety pin small triangles in a row along the back to create a dinosaur.
– Cut out a cape, and safety pin it to the shirt at the neck and securely along the hips (so he won’t trip).
– Honor your favorite sports player. How about writing your favorite player’s number and name on the back of the shirt?
– Copy a saying from your favorite t-shirt, and you can be twins!

Whether your pet will be celebrating with an adult or child, your costumes are sure to give others something to smile about.

What are some cute Halloween pet costume ideas you've done for your pet? Share your ideas in the comments!

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