Pet Guinea Pigs

Guinea pig as a pet? For potential owners, learn the perks of having these cute critters as pets!

In my humble opinion, when it comes to the rodent family, the cutest species of the bunch is the guinea pig. As a child, I always enjoyed the petting zoo in the St. Louis Zoo because the guinea pigs would always be out and available for the children to hold. I thought their little bodies were the perfect size, and their little noises were too cute! While the guinea pigs are adorable, they are just like any other pet and have specific needs. In this blog, I will address a few things that potential owners of guinea pigs should be aware of.

To begin with, guinea pigs can be seen as a long-term commitment. Each can live an average of 5-7 years, which is a good amount of time for such tiny creatures. Also, guinea pigs are very social creatures and are much happier when they live with fellow playmates. What this means for the potential owner is that to have a happy pet, you will probably need to adopt more than one guinea pig. The best way to ensure that your guinea pigs get along is to adopt them at birth and raise them together. Another suggestion would be to get a pair of the same gender. In other words, either adopt two males or two females.

While guinea pigs are certainly not the most high maintenance pet, they do require a large living space. In particular, guinea pigs require a lot of floor space to run around. These critters are also good pets for those with a tight budget: they can live in homemade cages, as they are not known for being escape artists.  

The last thing to note before adopting your own guinea pig—or two—is to check with your local shelter. While a pet shelter may seem an odd place for guinea pigs, a lot do end up there and are looking for good homes.

Do you have a pet guinea pet? Share tips with us for ensuring a happy pet!

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