Pet Friendly Stores and Offices

Stores and offices put out the welcome mat for pets! More stores and workplaces are becoming pet-friendly to create a happier atmosphere.

I have always had dogs as pets, and my family enjoys taking pets on a walk in our downtown area, where we enjoy seeing all of the unique stores. When we first moved to North Carolina about six years ago, hardly any stores let us bring in our dog. Now however, it seems that almost all the stores allow dogs!

America seems to be becoming a more pet friendly country in other ways, too. We can now treat our pet’s major health concerns such as cancer and diabetes, and the FDA is even involved in analyzing pet food. So it seems a natural step that the level of pet friendliness has increased to where stores and work environments encourage pets because they provide a better atmosphere for shoppers and/or workers.

Some work places such as the Google offices and offices are pet friendly employers and allow their employees to bring dogs into the workplace. The companies see this as a benefit for the employees, as well as for business. Both workplaces and retail businesses have noticed that customers almost always love having animals around, and that the animals create a warmth in their facilities.

Research shows that dogs provide health benefits within the work place as well. Employees are less stressed and have higher job satisfaction. Research has also found that the presence of pets in the workplace increases employee interaction and improves communication.

Be on the lookout for pet friendly stores and businesses, and get ready to take your four-legged pal with you on your next trip to the store…or office! Just in case your workplace doesn’t allow pets, at least keep a photo of Fido, Fifi or Fluffy around for your coworkers to enjoy.

Does your company allow you to take your dog to work? Tell us about it in the comment section!

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