Pet Friendly Hotels

The Pennsylvania Hotel upped the expectation level for pet friendly hotels when it accommodated the furry competitors at the Westminster Dog Show.

While more and more companies and stores are becoming pet-friendly, it appears that hotels are now picking up on the trend as well. Take the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York City, for example, which recently hosted the dogs competing in the Westminster Dog Show. Some luxuries provided for the pooches included a red carpet rolled out upon their arrival, special cookies, and the “doggie spa and gym.”

However, your dog does not have to be a Westminster competitor or champion in order to stay at a fine hotel. Many hotels across the country now offer pet-friendly rooms. A great resource is the website, which allows for you to locate a pet-friendly hotel in the area you are traveling. However, sometimes it is easier to call hotels when you arrive in the town you plan to stop in. My family has never encountered much difficulty in finding a hotel that allows pets, and we have some experience in the matter. We moved from St. Louis, Missouri to North Carolina, all with two dogs and five cats.

Once you find a hotel, your job as a pet owner doesn’t stop there. When checking into a room, look around to make sure that there isn’t anything your pet can chew up or get hurt with. For example, look for dangling wires, especially if you have a puppy or cat that likes to chew through cords. If possible, scout out an outdoor area with grass for your pet to perform its bathroom duties.

Whether you look for a place to pamper your pet or just get a good night’s sleep, it’s time to bust out the map and plan a vacation, for both you and your pet!

Did you ever stay in a pet-friendly hotel? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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