Pet Fire Safety

July 15 is National Pet Fire Safety Day. When a fire occurs in a home, it is never a good thing. I know that one of the first things on my mind, along with my family’s safety, would be the safety of my pets. Below are some tips to fireproof your home and to ensure your pet has the best chance to avoid a fire and to get to safety if the worse happens.

To fireproof your home for your pets:

  • Take a walk: Walk around your house or living area. The objective is to look for areas where there can be an accidental pet fire. In particular, look at knobs on cooking stoves (for tall animals), loose wires and pet pillows placed too close to warm places, such as radiators.
  • Find a safe area for sleeping: Keep pets, especially young ones, away from places in the house that could trap them. Also, make sure that the space is fireproof as well. For example, it is not a good idea to place a rambunctious puppy in an area with a lamp with a hot bulb that can be easily knocked off the table onto the carpet. Young pets sometimes chew cords, too.
  • Be aware of open flames: Animals are curious, especially when it comes to scents. Don’t leave candles where pets can reach them, or where they might get knocked off.
  • Have an escape route to safety: During a fire, the smoke and any flames can make it hard for the most levelheaded person to think clearly. So have a plan to get everyone out of house, and practice it. You also want to keep your pets safe once they’re outside. So place leashes and collars near all the exits in your home. Think ahead of neighbors who can help. Even a car that’s a safe distance away can be a temporary home outside for a pet.
  • Get a pet-alert window sticker: You can use almost any sticker. Write down the number of pets, and what kind they are. Then place the sticker in your front window so that it can easily be found by emergency response teams, such as the fire department.

Fires are scary business. While you’re taking steps to protect your family, make sure you have pet safety in mind as well.

Do you have a specific plan for your pets in case of a fire? Share it with us in the comments!

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