Pet Emergency Checklist for National Pet Preparedness Month

June is National Pet Preparedness Month! If you haven't already done so, now's the perfect time to make sure that your pet will be properly cared for in case of emergency. Pets are amongst the most vulnerable when natural disasters occur as they can’t help themselves. Plus, many relief options available to humans aren't available to pets. That’s where you can help – prepare on behalf of your pet so that he or she will be safe in the case of disaster.

Grab this handy checklist and use it to create your own emergency kit. Many of these items are standard household, so all it takes to be prepared is just a few minutes of time. Gather the things on the list, place them in a waterproof bag, and store them in an accessible place to be ready for an emergency.

Pet Assure is joining pet owners across the U.S. in preparing for when disaster strikes. We're helping pet parents take the first step towards keeping their pets safe by supplying them with the first item on the checklist, a thermal emergency blanket. This lightweight blanket is waterproof and can help prevent heat loss and hypothermia. It's also made out of reflective material so that it can be used as a signaling device if needed. Pet Assure will be sponsoring 5 blankets every week during National Pet Preparedness month. Enter to win a blanket by following the directions below!

is here and Pet Assure is joining pet owners across the U.S. in in being prepared in the event disaster strikes.

Enter here for a chance to win.

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  1. Lou says:

    I hit ENTER to enter the contest to win a pet blanket, but was asked to sign into my Facebook account.

    I don't have a Facebook account. Will by entry still count?

  2. Marta Novotny says:

    very informative news.

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