Pet Ducks

Quack, quack went the duck! While ducks are cute as farm animals and in petting zoos, can you own a duck as a pet?

More and more people are thinking about buying ducks as pets. Is that a good idea for you? First thing to remember is this: ducks are not “domesticated” pets like cats and dogs. They are still wild animals, even if you raise them straight from the egg! And never attempt to bring an adult duck into your home and try to domesticate it. Chances are, the result won’t be pretty! That being said, if you should find yourself wanting a duck for a pet, find a pet store to get a duckling.

Before you bring your duckling to his new home, have a little crate or pen set up for him. He’ll need this for the first four to five weeks. He’ll also need a heat lamp or heating pad to keep him warm for seven to 10 days, until the duckling grows a warmer coat. Ask the pet shop or vet about the best type of heat for your little guy. Like with any other pet, keep the drinking water fresh and give food every day. Your local pet store should have duck feed.

Once the little guy is two to three weeks old, you can start letting him venture outside. However, make sure he has a safe shelter to protect against weather and predators like owls and foxes. That’s especially true at night. Once a week, you and your duckling can enjoy bath time! Fill your sink, a dish tub or small kid’s swimming pool with a couple inches of plain, clean water and let your duckling swim and bathe in it.

While owning a duck may seem like fun, be sure it is legal in your state. In some states, owning a duck is illegal, and there are some breeds of ducks that are illegal to own.

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