Pet Dental Care

Time to brush your teeth, fluffy. Have you ever tried brushing cat’s teeth? Just a warning: most don’t like it!

It was with great bewilderment and astonishment that I watched my roommate actually use a toothbrush to clean her cat’s teeth. And let me tell you, the cat really did not appreciate such treatment. After the brushing had finished, I asked my roommate why exactly she brushed her cat’s teeth, and she replied that she had purchased the special toothbrush, along with special toothpaste, from her vet’s office. It occurred to me that while I thought she was silly, maybe I am the one who is out of touch with the latest on pet dental care.

And as it turns out…toothbrushes are now all the rage when it comes to pets! Some experts actually recommend that pet owners invest in special canine or feline toothpaste and toothbrushes.

There are alternative methods to clean your pet’s teeth, as well. You can take a piece of gauze, wrap it around your finger and use that as a toothbrush. You would still need to pick up a pet-friendly toothpaste, however. In addition to brushes and paste, there is also a special mouthwash that is just for canines! While this may sound very appealing to those of you dealing with particularly bad “doggy-breath,” speak with your vet before using any of these items. Older or younger pets can be more sensitive to the ingredients, or the toothbrush could present a choking hazard.

Between visits to your vet, check on your pet’s dental health at least once a week. Inspect the gums to ensure that they are healthy, and watch out for really bad breath. Bad breath, especially if combined with appetite loss and vomiting, could indicate something is wrong with your pet.

I think it’s fair to say that I am now up to date on pet dental care, and so are you!

Do you brush your pet's teeth at home? Share your tips with us in the comment section below!

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