Pet Decorations

Crepe paper, balloons and strings, oh my! What are good decorations to have around for pet safety, and what can be dangerous? Find out!

With my roommate’s birthday quickly approaching, I found myself thinking about decorating the apartment for her while she was asleep. I was daydreaming about all the crepe paper hanging from the walls and the balloons lying around everywhere. Then I remembered: we now have a cat living with us! So with a cat hanging out the living space, what decorations can I put up that are safe for the cat to be around? As it turns out, there are a lot of good ideas!

The important thing to remember when hanging up decorations is to not hang or put up anything that your pet could potentially eat that would be harmful. For example, our cat could easily pop a balloon with her claws, and then proceed to eat the balloon. The balloon could then get caught in her stomach and cause some serious harm. The same could be said for any strings that are lying around.

Whether for a birthday or July 4th celebrations, here are some good ideas for decorations that your pet probably won’t get into:

  • Crepe paper draped across the ceilings or above doorways
  • Signs that are on the wall or above doorways, and that don’t hang low enough for your pet to jump and grab.
  • Ribbons, tassels or any other decorations that are securely hung where your pet cannot reach them, and there is no danger of them falling to the ground.

As with any other holiday or celebration, make sure that food is out of reach of your pet. This most certainly includes alcohol. And keep your furry friend in a safe, comfortable place while the celebrations are going on.

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