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Let dating go to the dogs! There are “cat people” and then there are “dog people.” In the United States alone, 46.3 million households are home to at least one dog, according to the most recent APPA National Pet Owners Survey. A whopping 78.2 million dogs, in fact, share their lives with human companions. If you’re a single doggie mom or dad, it makes sense to cultivate romance with a partner of the same persuasion. When you find one, whether you’ve met at the dog park, online or through mutual friends (thanks, Grandma!), consider engaging in one of these pet friendly activities for a dog-friendly first date.

Take a hike. Or a walk, a jog or a stroll. All are free (always a great thing in these tough economic times) and dogs are almost always welcome. Your dogs can get to know each other while you do the same.
Take a class. A dog obedience or agility class, that is. There may be less time for talk, but you can learn a lot about someone by observing how he interacts with his pet. It’s fun for the dogs as well.
Volunteer. If there’s a dog rescue-related event in need of volunteers, spend a weekend afternoon pitching in. If nothing specific is going on, you may still be able to volunteer to walk a few shelter dogs together.
Try doga. I mentioned doga in an earlier post. For those who missed it, it’s dog-friendly yoga. You and your date can enjoy a relaxing yoga workout while your dogs revel in all the attention.
Go to a dog show. If there’s a dog show in town, it’s an obvious first date venue for dog lovers. Check out the different breeds. Talk about what you love most about your own dogs.
Hire a photographer. Doggie parents never have enough photos of their dogs. A professional photographer can capture the unique personalities of your pets in unusual and creative ways. You’ll leave with more photos for the wall as well as a lasting keepsake of your first pet date.

Did you ever try dating with dogs?? Tell us about it in the comments!

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